After you purchase the 30 student program, we take the stress out of setting up your class by doing it for you.  All you do is give us your class list and we do the rest. If you purchase the individual program, you can start immediately.  

When students log in, they will be sent to the course.  Teachers can click on MATERIALS to get the PDF that go with each lesson.

#1. Students start with a quick lesson on how to properly hold a pencil and place the paper on the desk.

#2. At the beginning of each session students will learn the basic stroke that is used with all the letters in that session. This helps students learn much faster than the traditional programs.

#3. Next students will be introduced to the character that will be teaching them the letter.  Each character has a specific character trait that students will be asked to identify.  This is something that can be applied to your language arts lessons. Check out the Character Traits link above to see more.

#4. In the next lesson, a character will show you how to integrate skip counting using a cursive letter.  The students love the catchy songs and get to see their cursive letter in a different way.  These numbers will be used to guide the students step by step through the process.

#5. In this lesson, the character will take the student step by step through the process of writing the individual letter.  Students can watch the video and practice using the PDF provided with the program.

#6. In this lesson, the character will review the individual letter and show how it can be connected to letters from previous lessons.  At the end of the lessons, students will asked to identify the characters trait.

#7. In this lesson, the students can listen to music as they practice making connections.

#8. At the end of each session, students will be given practice videos to reinforce everything that they have learned making connections.

#9. At the end of each session, students can use the PDF sheet to test themselves.  When they are happy with their results, they can show you and move on to the next session.