How It All Works

Cursive Characters is an interactive course for students to learn to write in cursive. Students are taught how to write, step-by-step. The Cursive Characters will do the teaching for you. Students will be guided, at their own pace, through each lesson. All you do is provide the practice sheets and let the characters do the rest!

The Cursive Characters will use video to show the exact stroke for each letter. They will use skip counting to explain how to start and finish each letter. At the beginning of each session, students will learn a basic stroke. This stroke will be used to write each letter in that session. There are only 10 basic strokes used to teach all lowercase and uppercase sessions. This makes it even easier for the students to learn and apply!

After students learn how to write a letter, they will be shown how to connect it with other letters they have learned.  Each session provides plenty of opportunity to practice.  At the end of each session, students will be able to test themselves. They can keep taking it until they are happy with the results! Students will take ownership in their work!

Our program is designed to allow self-paced and incremental progression. Whether they spend 10 minutes or an hour, they can pick up where they left off last time. Teachers will love how easily they can facilitate the process while the students are engaged.