The Multiplication Super 6 Challenge

Students can select one of the 6 methods to help them study.  They can use the technology format and/or the paper PDF format that comes with the program!

Check out the Super 6 examples below!

Skip Counting

Repeated Addition


The Cursive Characters sing catchy songs to help students remember how to skip count the 2-9’s facts. This skip counting method is also used to help them form cursive letters. A downloadable number line is provided for some hands-on practice.

A Cursive Character will be helping the students with fact fluency, as they ask the facts and offer encouragement.  Students can see the fact and how multiplication can be seen as repeated addition.

In this session, students see the fact in the form of an array.  With background music playing, students will try to answer facts in 5 seconds, 4 seconds, and 2 second time intervals.

Equal Groups

Number Line

Word Problems

Here the students are given the fact, see it in equal groups, and then answer the fact.  They will get 5 seconds, 4 seconds, and 2 seconds to help build fluency with practice.

Students are given the fact and then can see the jumps on the number line. The challenge is to answer the fact before the jump gets to the end. 

Now students can see a basic fact word problem come to life.  After the problem, students can see the fact and have time to answer it.